Beverly Grove

The magnificent Beverly Grove neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA is home to some breathtaking scenery, with its trees providing shade and flowers dotting the ground. If you are looking for an LA destination that will impress even your most demanding critic, look no further than the Beverly Grove neighborhood.

The Beverly Grove Shopping Mall may be named after an area of Los Angeles, but its most iconic landmark is, without a doubt is, the Grove. This expansive outdoor mall has taken this place in the pantheon for LA tourism alongside places like Santa Monica Beach and The Getty Museum with its beautiful landscapes that make you want to stop on your stroll through town so that everything can last longer.

When you’re in the mood for some high-end shopping, head on over to The Grove, you’ll find all of your favorite stores like Gucci and Valentino while noshing away at delicious food stalls or browsing through novelty shops that only exist here. There’s also an outdoor marketplace complete with tasty delicacies just waiting, so take advantage before it fills up too much more than usual. There is definitely a myriad of fun things to do in Beverly Grove, and it’s hard not to get lost. High-end shopping with restaurants and a movie theater await you on your journey through this thriving town center. Even if these attractions aren’t exactly what one would call “mainstream,” there will still be something for everyone here.

Beverly Grove melds into Fairfax, and it’s also a food haven with Uncle Paulie’s sandwiches from the original Los Angeles location of this famous Italian dish chain that has been around since 1971. For an unbeatable bakery item, try out Canter’s Bakery – their pastries will make your sweet tooth happy. The food and drink in this neighborhood are as good, if not better, than anything you’ll find at any mall. Uncle Paulie’s for old-fashioned subs will also transport your taste buds back to childhood. Badmaash is also in this neighborhood. They serve some neo-Indian dishes with fresh ingredients straight from India or Canter’s bakery, which offers unparalleled bread products like never before.

Though many other big-deal restaurants and bars had been closed because of COVID, it didn’t take long before this area quickly rose back to prominence. Another major part of the district- one that indeed hasn’t yet been affected by quarantine life–is its status as a hype beast hotbed where you can find all your favorite hipsters huddled around their laptops trying out new cafes or perusing stores like Supremeaden NYC. 

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