Griffith Obsevatory

Strategically situated at 2800 E Observatory Rd. Los Angeles, California, 90027, the Griffith Observatory is dedicated to bringing the world’s attention back onto Earth. For nearly 90 years, they have been able to do this with their iconic building and smoggy views of Saturn or even clearer ones when you look through a telescope.

The Griffith telescope is one of the most famous landmarks in Los Angeles, CA. Opened nearly nine decades ago, it still provides crystal clear views thanks to its 12-inch Zeiss lens that fractures light into dust and reflects off our atmosphere giving us an opaque view typically seen through clouds or smoggy air pollution. The revolutionizing effect these innovations had on society can be seen with what we know about astronomy and how they changed perspectives on science forever.

The building is a must-see for any trip to Los Angeles. The Observatory has been featured in movies such as Rebel Without A Cause and Lawnmower Man 2, and Beyond Cyberspace, but it’s never getting old because there are always new angles from which you can see this iconic landmark.

The first thing you’ll want to do when visiting the Observatory is to take in all of its exhibits. There are two floors, each with unique displays that explore humans’ relationship with stars and their place within this universe – from how we discovered them and what they mean for our future survival on Earth. One section even has a Foucault Pendulum right underneath its largest mural, which was painted by Hugo Ballin himself backlit against his famous work showcasing space exploration. If these don’t inspire any ideas, then I’m afraid there isn’t much more left for us here. The Cosmic Connection Corridor is a series of space-slanted displays that offer new opportunities for exploring the world around us. Downstairs, you can find an exhibit on astrology and upstairs, there’s another one about crystals.

The Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon Theater is a place where you can see an informative short film about the history and resurgence of observatories. Pieces Of The Sky document meteorites, space debris that falls to Earth from other planets or comets in our solar system, with bright details being found here every day. Gunther is an excellent place to visit if you’re looking for some high-quality snacks and drinks. The space planet models are stunning. There’s a huge bronze statue of Albert Einstein inside (that must be worth seeing), as well two gigapixel images from Palomar Observatory that make up one whole side. 

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