Highland Park

Highland Park is a unique place in Los Angeles, California because of its age and rich history. The town was first incorporated into the city back during the 18th century, making it one of only a handful of places that remain from when LA had multiple townships throughout this area. Additionally, as a bonus, you can find modern amenities like shopping centers or hotels while still accessing historical landmarks.

Highland Park has long been a Latino neighborhood. The area’s demographics changed dramatically in the 60s when it became heavily populated with retirees and families who were moving from downtown Los Angeles due to rising rents; many still commute into work every day as they did back then, though because there are no public transportation options for miles around here. You’ll find lifelong residents running barbershops, food trucks, bakeries – even an ice creamery- along your trip down Melrose Ave.

Tourists will be disappointed to find that there are not many tourist attractions in Northeast LA. The people who live here prefer it this way, though; save for Eagle Rock’s eponymous rock and San Antonio Winery (which has been around since 50+ years ago), or Glassell Park’s iconic “Glasselland” sign over hills overlooking Los Angeles.

When walking through Highland Park, the feeling you get is that this used to be a very different place. The neighborhood has so much history, but it’s not immune from change either. Many old-school Latin businesses have been changed in favor of popular places like restaurants and bars on York Boulevard or Figueroa Street, which offer trendy food with cocktails tailored just right for LA residents.

If you are in Highland Park and seek a delicious craft beer and great pizza, then there isn’t a finer place than Highland Park Bowl. Their renovations were recently completed with millions worth of improvements, making it a one-of-a-kind location in LA. Not only do they have some fantastic cocktails, but their sandwiches will also blow you away when you try them. Highland Park Brewery has been around since 1993 and is arguably one of the best breweries in LA. Their sandwiches from Jeff’s Table are some you won’t find anywhere else, as they’re known for their unique flavors that have made them so popular among customers who crave new foods every day.

Highland Park has a lot to offer, from the scenic landscape full of restaurants and bars. There are also college students who live here or go out on the town. But if you’re looking for more than just that, then head over near Eagle Rock, where plenty is going down at night with two great farmers’ markets available too. 

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