LA Grand Central Market

Situated at 317 Broadway Los Angeles, California, 90013, the Grand Central Market has been around for more than 100 years. Though it’s significantly changed throughout its lifespan, there are still some things that never change. One such constant is how much activity takes place right in front where you stand—the Grand Central Market meters keep running while vendors sell their goods just off to your left as they always have done since Opening Day back on January 2nd, 1910. Grand Central Market has not changed much in years.

The only thing that still remains from the original vendors is their smells, which still linger around Clark Street Bread and Horse Thief BBQ despite being replaced by other shops selling similar products on this same block. When walking down the main street, the main difference you’ll notice is how many more restaurant options there seem to be now compared with back then; at least four different types of barbecue restaurants offer tasty beef sandwiches right offhand.

When you first enter the market, your eyes are drawn to one of L.A.’s most trendy counters—Egg Slut. People line up for an hour so that they can get their breakfast sandwich on this famous spot’s menu which features creative combinations like bacon and cheddar cheese or even chicken schnitzel wrapped in lettuce leaves with mayonnaise-based sauce.

The bustle of the market is a vibrant and happy place with opportunities to buy goods or food. There’s a bakery, butchery shop cheesemonger, among other things that make you want more. When you take in the sounds of the market, it’s a vibrant and happy place, with people who are just looking for some time to themselves or something they can enjoy together while still being able to get their needs met by all that this market has on offer – there’s even an artisanal butchery.

In this part of L.A., you’re never far away from something interesting. Whether it be the office workers grabbing coffee or jewelry store customers looking for food before they head home- everyone has their own story to tell. When you’re looking for a place to enjoy an authentic drink and some delicious food, it’s hard not to be tempted by G&B. They have a top-notch coffee game with their robust blend that will keep your energy up all day long, or if La Frutería is more what strikes your fancy, they offer “the best agua frescas in town.” You can grab one from Golden Road Brewery, which has 20 options on tap at their counter and pierogis ready just waiting, so go munch away. 

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