Los Feliz

Los Angeles’ charming, walkable neighborhood is the Los Feliz. You will love going on strolls here because you can enjoy a great meal at one of its many locally owned restaurants or shops before heading over to see what’s happening in Hollywood. There are also cute dogs everywhere. The high ceilings and brick exterior of Los Feliz make it an excellent place for strolling. There are lots of independently owned restaurants, shops, bars where people hang out in peace.

If you live in Los Feliz, the chances are high that the Greek Theater is a relatively walkable distance. Sure it requires some hiking, but once you are done with showtime? You won’t want to be stuck inside cars anymore. And right next door at Griffith Park, you’ve got yourself one fantastic landmark: The Observatory.

Los Angeles is an endless city, but specific neighborhoods stand out for their character and charm. One such place in LA County would be Los Feliz– home to some great restaurants with dishes from all over the world and delicious food trucks outside every day. With so much going on here, you’ll never run low on things to do or see.

Hillhurst and Vermont Avenues are home to some of LA’s most beloved landmarks, like the Hollywood Sign. There you’ll find a bustling street lined with shops that sell anything from clothing stores or coffee houses and restaurants serving up delicious international cuisine – all within walking distance from one another. A peek into this picturesque neighborhood would not be complete without taking time out for exploring Griffith Park, which includes not only an immense amount of space but also offers breathtaking views overlooking downtown Los Angeles along with its extensive trails system.

You can’t go wrong in the eating and drinking department around here. There are plenty of mouthwatering options for cheap as hell or delicious fish tacos from Best Fish Taco, an Italian sandwich at Rocco’s Deli that will make your taste buds happy. And if you and your friends want to kick it up a notch higher and make it more adventurous, try some $1 oysters on Tuesday nights at Messhall. Los Feliz is a grand slam in itself, with its sister restaurant next door. The crown jewel of this town might be Kismet Mediterranean Grandslam; not only does it have great food but a fantastic atmosphere to match. Los Feliz is home to a large Thai population, and consequently, many great places offer authentic cuisine from this culture.

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