Residential Metal Roofing Los Angeles: Installation, Repair, Replacement, Etc.

The most popular roofs in Los Angeles houses are concrete tiles and fiberglass composite shingles. Residents consider them “economical.” But there is another type of roof that is currently gaining popularity among households. Metal roofs are not only becoming popular only among commercial buildings. They also make a buzz in residential establishments.


There are many reasons why homeowners are turning to metal for residential roofing as their choice. Here are only some of them:

Metal Roofs Are Durable

Despite being light, metal roofs can withstand strong wind, heat, and rain, making them a wise choice for houses in Los Angeles. It is also non-combustible and insect-resistant.

Metal Roofs Are Cost-Efficient

If concrete tiles can last up to 50 years, metal roofs can last up to 70 years. It also requires minimal maintenance. In the long run, they will help you save up money on repairs and replacement.

This type of roof can reduce heat in your home as it reflects UV rays. With this, you can lessen your cooling costs by up to 25%.

Metal Roofs Are Sustainable

Metal roofs are made from recycled materials. And when they reach the end of their lifetime, they can be recycled, too! We can assure you that your panels will not end up in landfills, unlike other materials.

Residential Metal Roof Installation

residential metal roof installation los angeles

Your dream home should not just be pretty—it should also be durable enough to endure different conditions. Metal roofs can help you achieve both. This durable material has different styles and colors suitable to whatever kind of house you will build.

Whether you like metal tile roofs, shake roofs, shingles, standing seam, steel, copper, sheet metal roofing, aluminum, or galvalume roof, we can have them installed for you. With our expertise, we will help you pick the perfect style and install them carefully and properly. If you’re sure about your installation, we can assure you of the best offers.

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Residential Metal Roof Replacement

residential metal roof replacement los angeles

As someone who owns a home in Los Angeles, you are probably aware of the weather conditions in the area. While your roof may be able to withstand a strong wind now, it still pays to be preventive. You can switch to metal roofing and see how it helps make your house better and stronger.

Replacing your old panels with metal roofs guarantees longevity and cost-efficiency. You do not need to replace it every once in a while. A metal roof can last for almost a lifetime.

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Residential Metal Roof Repair

residential metal roof repair los angeles

There are different reasons why a roof as durable as metal ones are damaged. Sometimes, it is because of extreme weather conditions. After a strong storm, it is important to check your roof for small issues. You can have it maintained to avoid bigger damages.

However, most of the time, a faulty metal roof is because of improper installation. Some inexperienced contractors fail to secure the panels or use dissimilar materials. These cause a metal roof to last shorter than it should.

You can trust us to fix every damage, big or small, to your metal roof. We will make sure to secure every panel to avoid any nuisance in the future.

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Whether it is metal roof repair, replacement, or first-time installation, we’ve got your back. We are here to help you get and install the best metal roofs with our premier service and expertise.

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