Silver Lake

Silver Lake feels like an oasis in the middle of Los Angeles, California. The traffic is minimal; there are plenty of parking spaces available close to your destination, which makes for easy access when you need them most-and best yet? It has some delicious restaurants with great food. While most people hate to commute to Los Angeles, there is a certain charm that comes with living near the city. Silver Lake’s lacklustre traffic conditions and spacious green spaces make it feel like an oasis from all other bustling urban areas throughout California.

The best thing about this neighborhood might be its restaurants. You’ll find some fantastic dining options here such as localized cuisine or even vegan dishes made by passionate chefs who love their craft enough not only to cook but also eat what they create – take my word for it when I say these folks know how food should taste (and look).

Silver Lake may be known for its abundance of hipsters, but the food here is nothing short of excellence. With tons to offer in terms of restaurants and cuisine options alike, there’s no shortage in selecting what you want or need from this area. A really cool thing about Silver Lake apart from all those trendy coffee shops? The fact that they have some pretty amazing chefs cooking up a storm- not just any old sustenance either; dishes like steak au poivre with rouille make us weak at the knees (or stomach).

There’s no shortage of mouthwatering food in the Silver Lake neighborhood, but if you’re looking to expand your palate beyond the ordinary, then be sure and try some things off-menu at Night + Market Song or Pine & Crane. For a more authentic Silver Lake experience, head down to Delfonics Street, where all kinds of strange dishes are available – think flavorful curries served upon fluffy rice buns with fresh vegetables alongside beef brisket sandwiches made from scratch daily by their resident sandwich artistes. Just a short walk from the best of Los Angeles’ food and culture, you’ll find an iconic family-run Cuban cafe (Café Tropical) next to one of its popular ramen shops in Silverlake.

Though it feels like Sunset Boulevard is the most prominent area of Silver Lake, that’s not actually true; there are still plenty more streets to explore in this trendy neighborhood. One such road leads you down an old country path lined with trees coming up towards its end at Botanica LA – a plant-based grocery store known for its exciting selection of organic produce as well other healthy goods. Joggers and fans of Laurel & Hardy know the 133-step stairs from The Music Box to be a popular place for jogging.

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